Argonaut Clarinet Orchestra at BIFEM 2017

I’m thrilled to announce that at this years’ Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, we’ll be putting on a full concert of works for massed clarinets!

First up on the program is my revision of Horatiu Radulescu’s Capricorn’s Nostalgic Crickets for 7 clarinets…  Three years in the making, involving several visits to his estate in Switzerland, interviews with original players, and the cataloguing of over 420 unique clarinet multiphonics…

And then the world premiere of a work of my own making – Small Infinities for 49 clarinets!  We’re assembling a fantastic team of clarinetists from Bendigo and Beyond…  If you would like to join us in playing this project, please follow the link to sign up!

There is room for players of all skill levels and from all walks of life.  We would love for you to join us!

Tell your friends, have them tell their friends…  Let’s get the word out!