Audio / Video

Here you’ll find three soundcloud sets – one for clarinets, one for computers, one for microphones.  Videos can be found at the bottom of the page.

(MANY years out of date!!)


As a clarinetist, my focus is on the performance works by 21st (and late 20th) century composers, and free improvisation.  I eagerly collaborate with living composers to create new and exciting works for clarinet (and ensemble), and have a wide vocabulary of extended techniques at my fingertips.  I have worked closely with composers including Ana Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu, Pierluigi Billone, Chikako Morishita, Wojtek Blecharz…  The list goes on…


Most of these tracks feature both acoustic instruments, and field recorded material.  But what sets these apart are the central role that the computer played in their construction.  I began to work with computer audio in 2007, when I bought my first laptop.  I began with Pure Data, and quickly made the shift over to MaxMSP.  The only other program I really use is Protools.  I’ve worked as a freelance coder, writing patches for people like Anthony Pateras, James Rushford, Jessica Aszodi, and so on, together with using the computer as a performance instrument in groups like Golden Fur, and Forth Impact!.



I first encountered field recording as a practise in 2009, and began to engage with it in earnest in about 2010.  In 2011, I attended Francisco López’s Mamori Artlab residency in the Brazilian Amazon, and since then my works have been played at festivals in the US (Athens Slingshot), Canada (Toronto Electro Acoustic Symposium), Australia (Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music), and venues like STEIM (Netherlands), Cave12 (Switzerland), Superdeluxe (Tokyo)…

In addition to my field recording work, I also have done a fair amount of studio recording, mixing, mastering…  This includes working for people like: Thembi Soddell, Anthea Caddy, Anthony Pateras, Golden Fur, Jessica Aszodi, etc…

VIDEO: Pierluigi Billone – 1+1=1
Samuel Dunscombe and Curt Miller, December 2014, WasteLAnd (LA).