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Benefit Show for Doctoral Studies

Featuring performances by:

Oren Ambarchi and Joe Talia
Poletopra (Anthony Pateras and Marco Fusinato)
Golden Fur featuring Cat Hope and Kim Tan
Thembi Soddell
Dunscombe-Fusinato-Tammens Trio

8pm, Thursday 25th August
KIPL. 136 Roden st. West Melbourne
$12 Full/$8 Concession

After having received a few scholarships from private donors and public bodies, the costs of my doctoral studies at UCSD are now almost completely covered (thank you to the Australia Council for the Arts, the Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship, and the Barbara Bishop Hewitt Scholarship).  Now I have only a small shortfall left to make up to cover relocation costs, and I will be good to go!

All proceeds from this concert will go towards covering these costs.  My deepest thanks to all my dear and wonderful friends who are donating their time and talent!

West Park Beta

This is the “beta” version of my West Park piece, to be performed by Decibel in September.

“Beta” means that the general structure and source material of the piece is set, but that there is still room for improvement/development. Any comments appreciated!

1) NOTATION is sloppy all around! It’s particularly hard to really comment on this when you don’t have a key to the symbols too. I’m working on that, and will upload soon.
2) BASS CLARINET notation is currently in C, and one octave higher than it should be. In the finished version the bass clarinet will sound a minor 7th lower than what is currently written.
3) LEVELS are not yet 100% correct, some things poke out more than I’d like them to.
4) PROCESSING is a little clumsy, pokes out a bit too much, and is a bit “samey.” There will be greater variation of the processed sounds in the finished version.


1) Each time the piece is performed/rehearsed, the live sound is recorded. Artifacts and fragments of this will then be inserted throughout the piece (sparingly). This will be particularly evident around the end, where the held notes should hopefully take on a fuller “chordal” aspect.

Hello World

This blog will chart my musical life from 2011 on, from my relocation to UC San Diego to undertake doctoral studies, to my attendance at Francisco López’s composition workshop at Mamori Lake (Brazil), the numerous performances I will give, etc.