Next week at Bread and Salt

Next week I will be performing my latest composition at Bread and Salt (San Diego), together with clarinetist Michiko Ogawa.

The piece is an 18 minute long work for 2 live clarinet players, and 24 pre-recorded clarinets.  It’s a slow descending quarter-tone scale in stacked multiphonics, graded from dark to light.  A slow descending meditation, and when everything is going at once quite a powerful bodily experience.

Below you can find a short excerpt from the tape part, featuring between 2 and 12 simultaneous clarinet multiphonics.

But you have to hear the whole thing live, through a large PA system, in order to get the full effect.  So why not come down and listen??

(for those overseas, I plan to perform this piece in Melbourne in August, Berlin in September, and who knows where else after that…)