I have been playing Pierluigi Billone’s 80 minute bass clarinet duet 1+1=1 since 2013, and have worked together with the composer multiple times to develop an interpretation of the score.

I have two partners with whom I play this piece: Curt Miller and Aviva Endean.  We have performed this work at:

• WasteLAnd (Los Angeles) [with Curt Miller]
• The Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (Australia) [with Aviva Endean]
• Boston University [with Curt Miller]
• World Music Days Ljubljana (Slovenia) [with Aviva Endean]
• Bowerbird (Philadelphia) [with Curt Miller]
• Spectrum (NYC) [with Curt Miller]
• KontraKlang (Berlin) [with Aviva Endean]
• Gern Gesehen (Cologne) [with Aviva Endean]
• Elastic Arts (Chicago) [with Curt Miller]