Samuel Dunscombe and Hunjoo Jung

Samuel Dunscombe is an improvising clarinetist and audio engineer from Melbourne, Australia, now living in Tokyo, Japan.

Hunjoo Jung is a computer musician, composer, and multi-media artist from Seoul, South Korea.  He has lived and worked in Boston and San Diego (USA), and Graz (AT).

Samuel and Hunjoo met in 2011, and have been collaborating on musical projects ever since.  Their shared aesthetic, achieved through the use of live clarinet and MaxMSP improvisation, charts the overlap between the worlds of free improv, computer and contemporary classical musics, and high energy noise.

Sam and Hun have experience working in a wide variety of musical milieus, and they bring their years of experience together to create something dynamic and fresh.  Individually, they have performed or presented work at all kinds of venues: from Harvard University to The Wulf in Los Angeles, from the Tokyo Experimental Festival to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and from gritty underground venues to the finest concert halls of Europe, Australia, Japan, and the USA.

Recent performances (selected):

• 2018.02.04 – Strange Fruit, Seoul
• 2017.04.28 – Kunstuniversität Graz
• 2017.04.27 – Galerie Atelier Blumentopf, Vienna
• 2017.04.26 – Galerij Skucz, Ljubljana
• 2016.05.15 – Abrash Presents, San Diego CA