Small Infinities

Small Infinities

Small Infinities is an ongoing graphic score project.  The premier performance, at the 2017 Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (BIFEM), featured 11 of these modules played by a massed-clarinet ensemble of 28 players.

A copy of the Bendigo score can be found here, [Download PDF], and sample audio-recording to come soon.

To perform Small Infinities, choose any number (greater than 1) of modules that work for your instrumentation, and create a timing sheet for how you would like to put them together in a live performance.  Playing modules simultaneously or overlapping is strongly encouraged.

Modules A-K (premiered at BIFEM2017)

Module Dedication Instrumentation Download
A To Eva-Maria Houben Any number of identical woodwinds
B To Eliane Radigue Identical woodwinds in groups of 7*
C To Klaus Lang 5 or more identical woodwinds
D To Christian Wolff 5 or more identical single-reed instruments
E To Arash Yazdani 5 or more identical single-reed instruments
F To Jakob Ullman 7 or more identical woodwinds*
G To Taku Sugimoto Identical instruments in groups of 7*
H To Eva-Maria Houben and Rebecca Lane Identical woodwinds in groups of 7*
I To Michael Pisaro Any number of instruments
J To Horatiu Radulescu 7 identical woodwinds*
K To Horatiu Radulescu 5 or more identical woodwinds

Sample recordings of modules B-H (overdubbed clarinet, low quality) are available here: Download .zip file [16.8MB]

Modules from L-?

Module Dedication Instrumentation  Download
L For Taku Sugimoto and Michiko Ogawa One quintet 4 times (overdubbed, or consecutive); or 4 quintets at the same time  PDF