Small Infinities Together

Welcome to Small Infinities Together, a piece for massed clarinets!
In preparation for the concert at BIFEM 2017, please watch the introductory video below, download a PDF of the score, and check out some of the supplementary tutorials and information further down the page.

Introductory video
This video will explain the basic structure of the piece, and give you all the information you’ll need to prepare for the concert.

Download a PDF of the score here

Video tutorials
In the playlist embedded below you’ll find three tutorial videos, each expanding on one of the less conventional techniques used in this piece.  This is the first place to go if you have any questions about the score, but beyond that, please feel free to also send an email with your questions or concerns!

Audio examples

Here are some audio sketches of how each micro-movement of the piece should sound.  Please be aware, however, that they are only rough sketches.  The concert on September 2nd will be a world premiere, so there is as yet no documentation of a full performance version.

Download .zip file here [16.8MB]

Frequently asked questions
Hopefully, this will slowly get populated with responses to the feedback you all send me in your emails…