Watch this space, as I work slowly to collect all the information in one place… It’s hard to keep track of everything!

Upcoming releases:

• Samuel Dunscombe, Michiko Ogawa, Taku Sugimoto [TBA]
• Samuel Dunscombe, Eva-Maria Houben, Rebecca Lane: Observing Object [Editions Wandelweiser]
• Golden Fur: commissioned works from Anthony Pateras, Marco Fusinato, David Chisholm, Alex Garsden, Rohan Drape [Bocian]
• New commissioned work for the Spreckels Organ Pavillion [Marginal Frequency]
• Golden Fur and Klaus Lang [TBA]
• Taku Sugimoto 5tets [Ftarri / Meena]


2017 – Samuel Dunscombe and Tim Olive: Zanshi [Kendra Steiner Editions KSE371]
2017 – Yvette Jackson: Invisible People

As audio engineer:

2017 – Samuel Dunscombe, Rebecca Lane, & Eva-Maria Houben - Observing Objects [Editions Wandelweiser] (recording, mixing)
2017 – Taku Sugimoto - 5tets [Ftarri] (recording, mixing)
2017 – Cat Hope - Ephemeral Rivers [Hat Hut] (recording, electronics)
2017 – Jessica Aszodi – Prayer for Nil [Hospital Hill] (recording, mixing)
2017 – Masahide Tokunaga – Bwoouun: Fleeting Excitement [Ftarri] (recording)
2017 – Samuel Dunscombe & Tim Olive - Zanshi [KSE] (recording, mixing)
2014 – Tētēma – Geocidal [Ipecac] (recording)
2012 – Anthea Caddy & Thembi Soddell – Host [Room40] (Mixing)
2011 – James Rushford & Joe Talia - Paper Fault Line [Bocian] (Additional recording)