Southern Utah

As promised, here are some pictures and recordings from my recent excursion to Utah/Arizona.

Photos first:

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And now the recordings.  These recordings have a wide frequency range, with a lot of subtle detail.  If you do not listen on headphones or good quality speakers, a large amount of this will be lost.  Detailed descriptions of each recording can be found below.


1. Glen Canyon Dam
This is a contact mic recording of the iron bridge over Glen Canyon Dam (see picture above).  This giant structure sounded incredible when vehicles drove past, but my favourite sound of all was created by gusts of wind that would activate the entire structure.  This track contains only the wind sounds.  Microphone used was a C-Series contact mic by Jez Riley French, together with a 10MΩ impedance transformer (an absolutely necessity to get optimum bass response, I used a cheap active DI).  THIS RECORDING IS VERY BASS-HEAVY!!

2. Dixie National Forest
Recorded from my campsite about 3/4s of the way up a mountain at approximately 3am.  This is the sound of wind blowing through the valley below, activating the conifers.  It was recorded with a pair of Joly-modded Oktava MK012 mics with omnidirectional capsules, in A-B formation, spaced approx. 35cm apart.

3. Cedar Breaks National Monument MONO
The sound of a large douglas fir tree creaking in the wind.  Recorded with a single Joly-modded Oktava MK012 with hypercardiod capsule, on a ~3m boom pole.

4. Bryce Canyon – Rainbow Point
Birds and gusts of wind, recorded in thick vegetation near Rainbow Point.  I have not yet been able to identify the birds singing in this recording.  Recorded with DPA 4060s in A-B positioning, approx. 60cm apart.

5. Bryce Canyon – Inspiration Point
Wind and ponderosa pines, distant birds.  Recorded with DPA 4060s in A-B configuration, approx. 45cm apart.

6. Panguitch Rodeo
The grandstand for the race-track/rodeo in Panguitch, Utah, stands all but abandoned.  It is a creaky old structure with a corrugated iron roof that is coming loose, situated on a wide plain where it is constantly exposed to high winds.  Birds have taken over all the structures in this complex.  This recording was made by clipping DPA 4060s to loose material hanging underneath the bleachers.

And finally, for those interested, here’s the map of my journey again:

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