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Reviews, etc (incomplete list):

2017.09.07 – Partial Durations
Review of Argonaut Clarinet Orchestra: Small Infinities, which featured my revision of Horatiu Radulescu’s Capricorn’s Nostalgic Crickets, and the premier of Small Infinities in a version for 28 clarinets.

2017.08.30 – Rehearsal Magazine
An extended profile discussing my life as a clarinetist, leading up to the premier of Small Infinities at BIFEM2017.  Written by Megan Steller, based on a lengthy skype interview.

2016.10.22 – San Diego Union Tribune
A review of the San Diego New Music event “A California Score,” with review of my WP piece “The Driest Place I’ve Ever Been.”

2015.08.27 – Partial Durations
Review of my work Unfinished Piece for 27 Clarinets, as par of INLAND 15.3: Your House is the Last Before the Infinite.

2015.03.23 – Boston Globe
Review of my performance of Pierluigi Billone’s 1+1=1 with Curt Miller.

2014.09.16 – Partial Durations
Review of Golden Fur’s program at BIFEM.

2014.09.09 – Partial Durations
Review of BIFEM performance of Phillipe Manoury’s Pluton, with Peter Dumsday as solo pianist and myself as live processing engineer.

2013.02 – LandEscape Now!
2 page description of work “Poetic Cartography: Rainforest” + 3 page interview